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Anticus Rules
Multiclient in PVP

• You may not control more than one character at a time in PvP, either through the use of multiple computers or bots. Each character in the fight must be controlled by a unique player. This includes healing your characters, untrapping yourself, blocking pathways or any other way that changes the outcome of the fight.

PVP Abuse

• Do not take a low level character into a war and suicide to give other players a red skull. Do not bring a low level character to block magic walls or interfere with a war.

Bug / Exploits

• Do not exploit bugs or abuse the unintended consequences of game mechanics. If you find a bug or exploit you must report it to staff immediately. Using a bug to your advantage is a bannable offense.

Event Abuse / Multiclient in Events

• You're not allowed to use multiple characters inside events in order to gain additional Anticus Tokens. You're not allowed to remain inactive inside an event so as to gain Anticus Tokens without participating. Furthermore that participation should be directed towards advancing your own team, rather than helping the enemy.

Staff Impersonation / Threats

• Impersonating staff or claiming to know or have influence over staff in order to threaten or influence another player is not allowed. Faking messages or screenshots involving staff members is against the rules.

Powerleveling / Frag Abuse

• You are not allowed to let other players/characters repeatedly kill your character to gain experience, or kill someone who is doing the same. This includes killing your own characters to transfer experience. If you want to kill someone do so in traditional PvP, not consensual powerleveling.


• Do not advertise for other servers or try to convince players to leave this server for another server. People are free to play where they want, but Anticus will not act as a billboard for competing servers.

Scamming / Stealing Items

• You are not allowed to scam or attempt to scam any player for items, money or accounts.

The staff of this server reserve the right to ban for any reason not listed here and have the final decision on all banishments. If our staff feel you're hurting our server, community or website overall, we reserve the right to remove you from our server.
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